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We are a dynamic, fast-growing team delivering exceptional office design and construction projects.

We specialize in translating the client’s vision into an inspiring and practical workspace design that supports their company culture and business goals. We seek to realize our values in every project that comes our way.

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For this role, we look for experienced interior designers to initiate creative design strategies for the improvement of our clients’ businesses.

You will need a thorough knowledge of interior design principles, including applied experience in using these principles to deliver a high-quality workplace design. This role also requires an understanding of and the ability to use 3D modelling and rendering software, such as SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, etc.

The top candidate will be well-versed in construction methodologies and procedures. This will ensure that designs are produced that can be delivered by Streamline using our design-build methodology. Expectation management and the ability to discover clients’ design goals are key to ensure an original design that can be executed within the client’s budget. This is a client-facing role which will require excellent communication and interpersonal skills throughout the design process.

Launch your career in design with our Junior Interior Designer Role. This role is ideal for recent graduates of interior design or those at the beginning of their career. We look for interior designers to work closely with a Senior Interior Designer to deliver design strategies that improve our clients’ businesses.

Key skills include a comprehensive working knowledge of interior design principles (with applied examples) as well as a thorough understanding of major 3D modelling and rendering software. This includes SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, etc. Full-time work experience as an interior designer is not required, but displaying relevant skills and showing examples of practical ability is key.

An excellent designer must also understand construction methodologies and procedures. This is to ensure that designs are produced that can be delivered by Streamline using our design-build methodology. The ability to develop a client-focused design that can be executed within the client’s budget is essential to our operations.

We look for experienced construction project managers to plan and supervise a wide range of construction projects from start to finish. These projects are typically interiors-focused, as we are an interior design-build company. This role includes organizing and supervision of construction procedures and ensuring they are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

An excellent Construction Project Manager must be well-versed in all construction methodologies and procedures and able to coordinate a team of professionals of different disciplines to achieve the best results. The ideal candidate will have an analytical mind and great organizational skills. We also look for candidates with a good grasp of subtrades in the area and the ability to maintain relationships with a network of reliable vendors for future projects.

The goal will be to ensure that all projects are delivered on time according to requirements and without exceeding budget.

Get in on the action with our Site Supervisor role. We look for experienced site supervisors to provide on-site coordination for all phases of office renovation projects. This includes coordinating subcontractors, materials, and equipment, ensuring specifications are being strictly followed and work is proceeding on schedule and within budget. The ideal candidate will have excellent organization and communication skills.

The site supervisor is also responsible for the crucial task of maintaining site safety. This includes identifying relevant health and safety procedures and ensuring they are followed on-site. Good interpersonal skills are needed in scheduling site activities between multiple parties.

We look for candidates with a willingness to travel, as some projects may occur out-of-province. Top candidates for this role will have outstanding organizational skills and the ability to act as site supervisor on multiple projects running simultaneously.

Do you have a passion for people, and connecting the dots?

This is an exciting opportunity to work with a close-knit, energetic team to build an ironclad sales pipeline. We offer a competitive salary and a no-cap bonus paid on KPIs; plus constant opportunity to engage, meet, and grow with our amazing team!

Some responsibilities of this role include engaging with clients via phone, email, video, and social; always keeping sales CRM up to date; set introduction meetings for business development manager; clearly articulate the Streamline value proposition; and intently listen to client requirements and report for hand-off to sales leader.

The successful candidate will have strong communication skills and a passion for follow-up. Ambition, drive, and confidence will stand you in good stead, and you must be highly organized with a willingness to adapt and try new things. Excellent phone skills, including clarity, professionalism, and persistence are key.

Our DNA of integrity, dedication and innovation means we proactively stay ahead of challenges and obstacles that arise in work environments to deliver the success, results and that has set us as a leader within the sector.

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The first rung on the ladder. We are on a journey with our clients into the future. Without integrity bridges burn and there is no return.


We commit. No matter the challenges we face, once we start we don’t stop until the job is completed.


We dare to challenge the status quo in our approach to delivering great project efficiently.


In an ever evolving industry of the work environment, we strive to proactively keep ahead of the challenges and obstacles that arise.


Client success is our success. We go beyond to achieve the results are customers are looking for.

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