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Human-Centric Work Environments

At the heart of Streamline is a dedicated team with extensive expertise committed to creating human-centric work environments. 

We created a unique in-house process with our team of experts who provide strategy, architectural, design and turn-key services.

Our overarching mission is to defragment the intricate process of crafting and delivering high-performing workspaces from conceptualization to completion at every stage. The result?

Meticulously designed workspaces that encourage success and provide a sense of belonging among team members.

With a deep and ever-evolving knowledge of the modern workplace, we understand how to support the needs of your people.

We provide industry insights and expertise for office and industrial environments. Ensuring we deliver spaces designed for the future of work that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Our holistic approach ensures that your experience is hassle-free and stands up to expectations nationwide. Making your vision a reality.

Our tailored workplace strategy creates inspirational workspaces for your business and its people to thrive. By analyzing individual company needs and work practices, we develop commercial design solutions by incorporating the benefits of workplace psychology and behavioural patterns in the workplace to create a clear vision for the project.

Meet The Team Behind Our Successful Projects

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Ben Lewis


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Brad Lewis

CEO/Project Director

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Nichola Chan

Design Studio Director

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Ben Devenish

Workplace Strategist

We support our clients locally nation-wide with our National Service Level Agreement (NSLA), so no matter where you are, we’re there to help.

Two professionals discussing architectural designs and detailed notes on a whiteboard in an office setting.

Workplace Strategy that understands your unique challenges and provides a solution.

Using the most up-to-date industry knowledge, we create a workplace strategy that aligns workplace and business objectives to create a work environment optimised for performance, productivity, safety, belonging, and well-being. By incorporating the benefits of workplace psychology and behavioural patterns in the workplace, our clients are future-proofing their spaces to support company growth and long-term objectives.

View of a new long corridor under construction with exposed ceiling infrastructure and unfinished drywall.

As your full-service construction team, we have 100% control over schedule and timelines

We oversee the entire construction and build-out process, eliminating many common concerns to keep your office design project on schedule and budget. We build reporting and accountability into the project schedule, which includes specific products and services whose lead times align with the project schedule.

With our decades-long relationships with trades & subcontractors, we ensure the highest safety standards and quality control for every build.

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Our architectural and design team blends your ideas with our expertise

We look inside your business and evaluate all working parts to form a cohesive plan based on your needs and objectives. By understanding key objectives and goals, we assess and apply tailored design solutions to create human-centric office spaces that challenge the status quo. Using cutting-edge technology, including SketchUp and AutoCAD, we create 3D layouts and digital renderings to give our clients an accurate view of their future workplaces.

Three people in a modern office lounge, two seated and one standing, engaged in a discussion about a new project in a brightly lit room with large windows.

A seamless and smooth process from concept to completion

We coordinate the delivery & installation scheduling process, working closely with the construction timeline and site managers to ensure furniture is installed on time. Your business will benefit from our longstanding relationships with the biggest and most cutting-edge furniture manufacturers in Canada and worldwide. Our skilled installation team delivers flawless results every time for fast, safe, and reliable furniture installation, panel systems, workstations, and more.

Our integrity, dedication and innovation mean we take full responsibility for the final outcome of the office renovation project, including our procedures and performance, so our clients get the high-performance workspaces of their dreams.

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