Our Team

Ben Lewis


Ben is one of the founders of Streamline. Having built many facilities for his own manufacturing businesses, he has always had the knack for value engineering for the best build possible. Aside from strategy and business direction Ben`s primary focus is to ensure Streamline`s pre-construction team is delivering exceptional value to our clients. He enjoys touring the globe when all the side projects are complete.

Brad Lewis

CEO/Project Director

Brad is one of the founders of Streamline Resource Group. He likes to understand the big picture and is perpetually inspired by the way design is transforming company cultures and team performance. During his hours off, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching his two young children grow and develop. He also enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors and supporting charitable causes.

Ben Devenish

National Project Director

Ben brings a dynamic, proactive approach to supporting real estate professionals and tenants. As a highly motivated advocate in the commercial fit-out industry he has been an integral part of developing and securing a variety of deals, ranging from 2,000sf – 100,000sf, and connecting them with innovative, risk free solutions to deliver cutting edge spaces. Ben enjoys being a family man, the outdoors and being a great point of contact for people in the commercial real-estate industry.

Greg Lewis

Pre-Contracts/Construction Director

Clients of Streamline say that Greg’s drive and passion for project success is one of the best parts about working with Streamline – and that pretty much says it all. Greg also enjoys spending time with his wife, friends, and family, including any activity that involves the outdoors. He likes to experiment with cooking and barbecue and appreciates a glass of good red wine.

Duane Carpani

Project Manager

As a project manager, Duane spends a lot of time on the job sites, and somehow manages to lead teams under tight deadlines while maintaining an agreeable and easy-going manner (not to mention exceptional quality control!). He has immense dedication to any project he undertakes, putting in countless hours to deliver the best possible results. In his free time, he enjoys sports and outdoor activities, as well as spending time with his wife and young daughters.

Atousa Abbasi

Senior Interior Designer

Atousa is our experienced interior designer with an extensive skill set in all things space planning and design. She is an expert at creating a design that reflects a company’s culture and goals, which she often displays and visualizes through detailed 3D renderings.

Jaemyen Lee


Jaemyen heads up our finance department and enjoys the opportunity to build financial stability through budgeting, accurate accounting practices and appropriate reporting. Outside of work, he enjoys playing tennis and playing musical instruments such as the guitar and clarinet. Jaemyen is married with two teenage kids and hopes to revisit his hometown of Seoul as well as several cities in Europe.

Kara Bowie

Space Planning & Design

Kara excels at making the most of any office space, and treats each project she encounters with care, even down to the smallest details. She believes that you should always be thinking about the future and what you can do today to prepare for it. Kara’s other interests include traveling and seeing all that the world has to offer, excursions with her friends, and keeping up with the latest in real estate and interior design.

Grazyna Swist

Interior Designer

Grazyna possesses the high attention to detail and understanding of design principles necessary to transform any space, from concept through Permit drawings, to completion. More importantly, hers is dynamic knowledge, as she believes in continuing education and staying current to provide fresh, cost effective, and forward-looking design solutions. Outside of work, Grazyna enjoys spending time with her partner Mike and their two rescue Yorkies. She is a self-confessed “coffeeholic” who enjoys attending concerts, browsing antique markets, cooking, and traveling.

Rosalie Hewitt

Marketing & Business Development

Rosalie currently manages Streamline’s marketing strategy and execution and is a firm believer in the concept of lifelong learning. She enjoys marketing because it has both creative and analytical aspects. Outside of work, Rosalie’s pursuits include playing piano and spending time outdoors.

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