Meet The Team

A smiling bald man with glasses wearing a light blue shirt, standing in a modern office environment, is featured in the new company About page.

Ben Lewis


A smiling man in glasses wearing a dark blazer and blue shirt, standing indoors with a blurred architectural background, conveying a sense of newness about him.

Brad Lewis

CEO/Project Director

Portrait of a smiling Asian woman with long black hair, wearing a dark green blouse and blue earrings, against a neutral background for the Teams Page.

Nichola Chan

Design Studio Director

A professional headshot of a smiling man in a blue checked shirt, standing indoors with a blurred background optimized for SEO.

Ben Devenish

Workplace Strategist

A professional headshot of a smiling man in a blue checkered shirt standing in an office environment for the team page.

Greg Lewis

Pre-Contracts/Construction Director

A smiling man in a light blue shirt poses against a plain white background for the new teams page.

Jeff Southard

Board, Advisor

Professional man in glasses wearing a gray suit and blue checkered shirt, smiling confidently on the new Teams Page.

Brent Warrilow

Board, Advisor

A professional portrait of a woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a white blouse, featured on the new teams page in an office setting.

Negin Rashidipour

Interior Designer

Portrait of a team member with long brown hair and gold hoop earrings, wearing a white shirt, smiling subtly against a blurred background.

Claire Livingstone

Interior Designer

A middle-aged woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a black blazer and a silver necklace, smiling gently against a blurred new teams page background.

Grazyna Swist

Interior Designer

A smiling man in a checked shirt standing indoors, showcasing the new teams feature.

Duane Carpani

Project Manager

Portrait of a middle-aged man with short red hair smiling, wearing a dark blue team shirt, standing against a blurred background.

Paul Robinson

Site Manager

Portrait of a young woman with long brown hair and blue eyes, smiling slightly at the camera, wearing a green team top.

Rosalie Hewitt

Marketing & Business Development

Portrait of a middle-aged Asian man wearing glasses, a black blazer, and a white shirt, smiling slightly in an office setting on the new Teams page.

Jaemyen Lee


Professional portrait of a smiling woman with long brown hair, wearing a black blazer and floral blouse, against a lightly blurred background, optimized with SEO keywords.

Kara Bowie

Space Planning & Design

Placeholder image featuring a silhouette of a team member's head and shoulders with the text "image coming soon" across the center.

Martin Brindley

Site Manager

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