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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The first thing we like to do is put one of our project consultants in contact with you to discuss your project. This is to determine whether we would be a good fit for the job – if we do not think that we would be, we will tell you this upfront and you can look into other companies who could assist you. If it does seem like Streamline would be a good fit for your company, the project consultant will arrange a meeting with you to take a look at the space (if feasible) and go over further details.

We prefer not to estimate average costs per square foot without seeing the individual site. The cost per square foot for a build-out depends on several factors. These include the current state of the building, whether glass walls or other custom design features are desired, and the type of finishes used (e.g. marble vs. porcelain tile).

We specialize in corporate office interiors. If you are looking for someone to outfit your retail, salon, or other personal service interior, we would suggest that you look elsewhere as we do not typically take on this type of project. We also do not outfit residential locations being used for office purposes.

Yes! We provide initial consultation and strategy, design services, acquiring permits, interior construction (as well as initial demolition if necessary), and furniture from some of the biggest furniture manufacturers available.

As you will find in our project gallery, we take on projects in a large range of sizes. While we don’t take on home office renovations, we’d love to hear about your corporate office project!

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