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At Streamline, we deliver workplace success by creating high-performance, design-led spaces from concept to completion. Our in-depth involvement across strategy, design, project management, and construction allows us to create the work environments of tomorrow.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand that the workplace is always evolving. Changes in recent years have revolutionized commercial offices. Our holistic workplace strategy allows us to design a step-by-step programme to create the right workplace for your needs.

We simplify the design-build process. Using a single point of contact, simplified methodology, guaranteed time frames, and budget promises, we ensure projects are seamlessly efficient while delivering the workspaces you need.

We deliver high-performance workspaces from concept to completion in 4 steps:



We begin by analyzing your needs and challenges to identify design solutions.
Our 3P Process gives you a birdseye view of the project trajectory.



Our design experts use a creative and efficient approach to create high-performing spaces. Innovative and unique designs are always created to align with your business goals.



Our in-depth involvement from the very first stage is essential. This means we can build out your workplace while guaranteeing project budgets and timeframes.



By working closely with you, we provide a full furniture package that suits your specific needs. Using our longstanding relationships, we cater to your requirements.

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We work with global and national companies across North America to create work environments that boost productivity, efficiency, and employee wellbeing.

Increase Efficiency
and Productivity

Give your company a competitive edge while attracting top talent.

A hybrid working world has changed the workplace forever. Adapting to these changes quickly and efficiently means you stand out from your competitors while appealing to top-performing talent. High-performing workspaces improve employee morale, productivity, and efficiency so you can focus on achieving company goals. With our single point of contact, fast decision-making, and transparent pricing structure, we deliver projects more efficiently and quickly than any other commercial office renovation contractors. From multi-location projects to single office buildouts we deliver the workplaces you need when you need them.

Human-centric Workspaces
For Wellbeing and Morale

Today’s employees value modern spaces that cater to their evolving needs.

From open-plan areas for easy brainstorming to prevalent charging stations for easy mobility, employees want practical workspaces. Failure to keep up means competition is enticing high performers while you are left behind.

Our fast turnaround times minimize workplace disruption commonly associated with other office fit-out companies. In turn, employee wellbeing is dramatically improved with high-performance spaces.

We continuously stay ahead of the curve in trends and demands of the modern work environment. We apply our expertise into every one of our projects to create innovative, modern workplaces that achieve the goals you set out.

We have been creating innovative workspaces for 20 years. We’ve honed our skills and processes to ensure you get the best design every time. Why is Streamline right for you?

The long-winded, fragmented process of Traditional Design and Build is a thing of the past. Our process of Strategy, Design, Build, and Furnish is simple, efficient and fast.

We use P3 to assess which goals are most important to you, to give you a clear outline of how and when you can expect future project stages to take place. P3 reduces the time, cost, and risk involved in a major office project.

We bridge the gap between the multiple silos of responsibility in the commercial renovation process. We are your interior architects, design group, project managers and project delivery team all in one. This helps us to mitigate the risks of increased budgets and project timeframes.

Being an all in-house, turnkey service we have full cost and quality control over your project in order to creatively value engineer the best solution to stay on budget and on time.

We are strategically located across Canada to support multi-location companies to streamline their ability to scale-up, grow or adapt their real-estate needs without reinventing the wheel. We are the office designers near you, wherever you are.

Pre-Project Process

We use P3 to base project plans on fact rather than assumption.

This preliminary consultancy package includes workplace programming, project budget forecasting, and project scheduling.

Eliminating the risks of traditional design-build projects, we give you a clear outline of how and when future stages will take place.

With clear communication from the outset, P3 reduces time, cost, and risk involved in a major office project.

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