Project Size

16,500 SF


Toronto, ON


20 weeks

PPI operates as a marketing firm for investment solutions with multiple locations across Canada. They support independent advisors in the insurance industry with their market-leading expertise and technology.

When receiving staff back into the office, PPI wanted to embrace a hybrid working style and offer a welcoming and engaging employee experience. The goal was a multi-functional space that would embrace connection and community while providing support for independent advisors. This includes different zones for meetings and collaboration as well as a training room and individual workstations.

In designing the space, Streamline took advantage of the large windows to create a space awash with natural light. We used soft barriers and strategic glazing to create different working zones. Reducing the number of solid barriers allows natural light to filter through the office, creating a space that is intentionally human-centric and incorporates an important element of biophilic design.

Refined décor choices and a thoughtful colour palette complete the space, finishing a successful project which is being used as a blueprint for PPI’s ongoing space change projects across Canada.

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