Workplace Strategy

Connecting People and Spaces

What is workplace strategy?

Workplace strategy is the art of aligning organizational goals with the design and functionality of a workspace.

This intentional alignment aims to optimize performance, enhance productivity, foster a sense of safety and belonging, and prioritize overall employee well-being. A robust workplace strategy goes beyond aesthetics; it constructs purpose-driven environments, offering a clear roadmap to success.

Addressing and overcoming workplace challenges acts as a catalyst for maximizing the performance and productivity potential inherent in an agile workplace design. Central to our approach is a commitment to understanding the unique challenges faced by our clients. Rather than relying on assumptions or opinions, we leverage a foundation of facts and experience to tailor optimized workspace solutions that precisely meet the needs of each client.

Modern office design and build featuring a kitchen and lounge area with people seated and talking, showcasing stylish interior decor illuminated by natural light, green accents, and communal tables.
Abstract geometric pattern in shades of orange, featuring symmetrical shapes and an octagonal design at the center, ideal for office design.

When crafting workspaces, we prioritize the people who inhabit them, addressing both employee and individual needs.

Meticulously designed with a human-centric approach, our spaces integrate insights from workplace psychology and a deep understanding of behavioral patterns.

Office renovation featuring a modern interior with a seating area that includes white chairs, wooden partitions, a green living wall, and desks with computers in the background.
Modern office kitchen and dining area with wooden tables, pendant lights, and employees interacting.

To strategically plan your workspace we consider geographic and internal placement, assess department needs, and more.

By analyzing the space to accommodate various working zones and styles, we craft a data-driven space that suits your overall business goals and office strategy.

When receiving staff back into the office, PPI wanted to embrace a hybrid working style and offer a welcoming and engaging employee experience. The goal was a multi-functional space that would embrace connection and community while providing support for independent advisors. This includes different zones for meetings and collaboration as well as a training room and individual workstations.

A row of booths with glass doors set into a wall, one with benches for meeting and two with task chairs and desks
Modern office kitchen with black counters, white stools, and hanging green plants, featuring natural lighting and a minimalistic office design.

We understand the purpose that workplace technology plays in employee workflow. From the importance of audio-visual solutions to considering the technological needs of a distributed team, we use technology to enable employees to do their best work.

Destination Office Ecosystem

More than a location, the destination office is an experience.

In the workplace of the future, the destination office is not just a place for people to work. It’s a place of motivation that can also be leveraged for company success.

The destination office makes the office desirable – it’s not merely where you do your work. What was once simply a place for work has transformed into a place for community and connection so that it supports employees’ mental health and wellbeing as well as allows them to do their best work.

For companies in the hybrid working environment, the destination office is a key tool that can be leveraged to attract and retain top talent. Taking elements from the concept of a ‘third space’, the destination office includes amenities and workplace supports that distinguish it from traditional offices or home workspaces.

Modern office design with employees working at desks and two women seated, talking in a lounge area by large windows.
Solid orange background with a geometric pattern of darker orange triangles forming a star shape in the center, ideal for commercial interior design.

Workplace Evolution

Human-Centric Workspaces For The Rapid Changing World of Work

The workplace evolution creates purpose-driven workplaces & provides a logical path to success.

We work with our clients to create design-led workspaces that are value-engineered for high performance. By continuously striving to stay ahead of the curve, we overcome workplace challenges and maximise employee productivity and well-being.

By considering the rise of hybrid working environments and the changing office landscape, we provide business owners and executives with the tools they need to make the best decisions for their workplace projects.

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