Design Strategy

If culture eats strategy for breakfast, what does culture-based strategy eat?

Analyzing your needs

Mapping The Journey

Our team applies expertise in psychology, consumer experience and workplace organization to develop a strategic plan for your office redesign.

We’ll work with you to analyze your needs and challenges and identify potential commercial design solutions.

We have identified some common pitfalls in commercial office projects that are completely avoidable if the strategy is set correctly pre-design phase.  That is why we have developed the P3 strategy (Pre-Project Process) to give a bird’s-eye view of the project trajectory.

The p3 Process

Pre-project process

We use P3 to assess which process and outcome goals are most important you, so that we can base project plans on fact rather than assumption.

This helps mitigate the risks of traditional design-build projects and gives you a clear outline of how and when you can expect future project stages to take place.

This also establishes clear communication from the outset, which is key in eliminating delays and cost overages. P3 reduces the time, cost, and risk involved in a major office project.

Project Detail

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