Designing with Everyone in Mind: Building Accessible Workspaces

Business meeting in office board room with smiles

Inclusivity is paramount in the modern workplace. At Streamline, we believe design is pivotal in creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and can operate at their best. Dive into our approach to building commercial workspaces with accessibility at the forefront.   The Importance of Accessibility in Workspace Design: In an era emphasizing diversity and […]

How Workplaces Can Support Mental Health

Many workplaces are taking steps to provide an environment that supports mental health. And it makes sense – putting wellness first in your design process has virtually no downside. From WELL building standards, to biophilic design, there are many ways to build a healthier working environment. These three concepts focus on supporting mental health and […]

5 Things Employees Want in the Post-Pandemic Office

For the past year, we’ve been proactively working with C-suite executives to answer the question: what does our office need to look like long-term? Collectively, our goals are to bring workers back to the office, restore the camaraderie and team spirit that’s waned through working from home, and combine the best of what we know […]

3 Strategies for a Successful Hybrid Workplace

Many companies had to adapt quickly to remote work in 2020—with varying degrees of success. But a long-term/permanent shift to a hybrid model requires some thought and preparation. A hybrid workplace model involves a combination of on-site work and work-from-home or remote work. Exactly what that looks like is different for every office. Some companies […]

The Psychology of Good Office Design

Is there room for psychology in office design? Absolutely! In fact, we believe that considering the psychological needs of the people who use an office is the best way to maximize return on your investment while attracting and retaining motivated, successful employees. That’s a big claim, and it’s backed by research. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs […]

How to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Office

Lighting has a huge impact on employee morale and the overall productivity of your business. As per the Harvard Business Review, 47% of employees interviewed for a research study expressed tiredness due to lack of natural lighting, whereas 43% found the environment downright gloomy. A simple and obvious fix for this, of course, is letting in […]