Adapting to the Hybrid Work Model: Design Strategies for Flexible Workspaces

breakout space and collaborative area next to a glass wall partition

The essence of the hybrid work model lies in its flexibility regarding the location of work and in a fundamental reimagining of our work methodologies. This paradigm shift necessitates creating adaptable, technology-centric workspaces, and deeply attuned to employee needs, thereby improving productivity, engagement, and overall wellbeing. At Streamline, we understand the critical importance of these […]

Designing with Everyone in Mind: Building Accessible Workspaces

Business meeting in office board room with smiles

Inclusivity is paramount in the modern workplace. At Streamline, we believe design is pivotal in creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and can operate at their best. Dive into our approach to building commercial workspaces with accessibility at the forefront.   The Importance of Accessibility in Workspace Design: In an era emphasizing diversity and […]

Mastering Projects with P3: Proactive Success

True success is more than an end result. It’s about the journey you take to get there. Project management is the same – the most successful projects are the result of careful planning, thorough assessment, and effective communication. Our Decades-Long Journey We have been creating high-performance, commercial design-led workspaces for 20 years. We know the […]

How Workplaces Can Support Mental Health

Many workplaces are taking steps to provide an environment that supports mental health. And it makes sense – putting wellness first in your design process has virtually no downside. From WELL building standards, to biophilic design, there are many ways to build a healthier working environment. These three concepts focus on supporting mental health and […]

How to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Office

Lighting has a huge impact on employee morale and the overall productivity of your business. As per the Harvard Business Review, 47% of employees interviewed for a research study expressed tiredness due to lack of natural lighting, whereas 43% found the environment downright gloomy. A simple and obvious fix for this, of course, is letting in […]