Combatting Employee Burnout: Transforming Workspaces for Wellbeing

Even the most engaged employee has experienced burnout in their professional lives. From long working hours to increasing work pressures, burnout is becoming increasingly common in today’s professional world. For employers, burnout is a cause for concern. Decreased productivity, high attrition rates, and low morale can have a devastating impact on a workplace. In the […]

Adapting to the Hybrid Work Model: Design Strategies for Flexible Workspaces

breakout space and collaborative area next to a glass wall partition

The essence of the hybrid work model lies in its flexibility regarding the location of work and in a fundamental reimagining of our work methodologies. This paradigm shift necessitates creating adaptable, technology-centric workspaces, and deeply attuned to employee needs, thereby improving productivity, engagement, and overall wellbeing. At Streamline, we understand the critical importance of these […]

11 Buzzwords to Know as the Return-to-Office Saga Continues

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We’ve all learned quite a few new words over the past two years. And it seems like there’s frequently a new buzzword that becomes ‘old hat’ pretty quickly. Words like coronavirus, social distancing, and now omicron. So, here’s a list of the buzzwords you’ll keep hearing as companies make their way back to the office. […]

4 Facets of Biophilic Design for the Office of the Future

Biophilic design is used everywhere from hotels to gyms to homes. It’s based on the concept that people are happier and healthier when they can connect with nature—whether they’re working, relaxing, or even shopping. biophilia – a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms (source) This […]

3 Themes Emerging in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Whether companies are working to figure out in-person, remote, or hybrid workplace designs as lockdowns ease and workplaces open up again, we’re seeing three themes emerging: The need for up-to-date technology Employees are looking for collaboration and social interaction The entire concept of the workplace needs to expand There’s No Room for Outdated Technology Remote […]

The Psychology of Good Office Design

Is there room for psychology in office design? Absolutely! In fact, we believe that considering the psychological needs of the people who use an office is the best way to maximize return on your investment while attracting and retaining motivated, successful employees. That’s a big claim, and it’s backed by research. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs […]